Thursday, August 6, 2009

That little spot....

Sometimes I think no body cares about how I feel. So I guess that is why I write Blogs. Not alot of people read them. But I know God it watching me wirte them. I guess you could say this is one of the ways I talk to him lol.

My life isnt exactly what I want it to be. Somethings I can change. Others I cant. I cant do it alone but God is there. I love my Jesus. I Love my family. But there is always that little empty spot. That little spot kills me. I want to fill it up with God and go on.
I need Love. And I know he can give it. And I know he is there everynight. But there it is....still killing me. That little spot hurts. Sometimes so much all I wanna do is lay there and cry all day and night and never move.

I want a man to love me. To cuddle with me everynight. To love on me when I need it. Im so friggen lonley. I hate it. But, it is one of those thing I cant exactly change myself. I love to just cuddle my pillows when I wanna sleep but they don't cuddle me back. They wont love me back. They wont comfort me when I need it the most. Their just pillows. Their just there....Their not alive.

It makes me feel bad. That little spot. I am trying to give my life to God. And I am. I just want someone here with me. To share my life with. To share my time with. And someone who is not my mom or sister lol.

I have God and I can talk to him. know.....anyone know what im talking about?

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